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Rules for Marriage


The Church has always seen the family,
not only as the basic unit of society,
but also as the cradle of the Faith.
It is by the Sacrament of Matrimony that
the family unit is established and supported.
The Church must, therefore, concerned that
her members be properly prepared in faith
to confer and to receive the Sacrament.
She must also be concerned to ensure,
as far as possible, that those who would
enter this state have a realistic appreciation
of the capability for life-long commitment
which Christian marriage demands.


 No marriage may be celebrated unless the
appropriate notice thereof shall be given
to the competent priest not less that three
months in advance of the date of the proposed marriage.
Please see below for more details about the Legal  requirements for marriage in the Republic of Ireland.

Pre-Nuptial Arrangements

  1. If you are ‘domiciled’ which means resident in the Parish of Meath St., we are happy to do your Wedding papers no matter where you are getting married.
  2. If you live outside the parish you should go to the priest of the parish where you live for this service. It normally takes an hour or so and it’s best to make an appointment with the priest.


The documents required for a wedding are:-

1.    A Certificate of Baptism from the parish in which you were christened.  It has to be a recent certificate, that's within the last six months.
       (The reason for this is that only a baptised person can receive the Sacrament of Matrimony and the certificate is proof of your baptism).

2.    A Certificate of Confirmation.

3.    A Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form
      Your priest will fill this out with you and then you sign it. (It ensures that you understand and accept what you are
undertaking in Christian marriage).

4.    A Letter of Freedom  -
A form which can be obtained from your parish to be signed by a parent, brother or sister which states you are free to contract marriage. This is then signed by the priest and kept with your church papers.

5.    A Pre-Marriage Course Certificate
      (This indicates that you have successfully completed a pre-marriage course)

If your partner is of another faith or not baptised you must write to the Archbishop of Dublin, The Chancellary, Diocesan Offices, Clonliffe College, Dublin 9 stating that you wish to get married to a person who is not catholic (if s/he has a   religion please state the denomination) and the office there will send out the relevant papers to your parish to be filled out with you, your partner and the priest.

7.     Some couples like to have  the Pope's Blessing on the occasion of their wedding.  It is available only to two practising Catholics.  If you wish to get it, you must get a letter of recommendation from your priest.  (see below).

8.    In cases where one or both parties have been previously married, certificates and full details of previous marriages are required.  Where applicable, death certificates or nullity certificates are also required.

9.    If you wish to get married abroad, make sure you inform your priest in good time.  He will tell you what other arrangements you need to make. 
For example Pre-nuptial enquiry forms (the forms you fill out with the priest) have to be sent through the Diocese to the host Diocese in the country you are getting married. This can take some time.

Getting a Papal Blessing for your Wedding

Apply for it in good time. If you wishes to have a Papal Blessing read out at the wedding ceremony, apply for it almost three months in advance of that date.

1. Get letter of recommendation from your parish Priest (of one or other party,) indicating that you are a practicing Catholic - and suitable for this sign of adhesion to the Church.

2. Select the kind of scroll you want, and the wording you want on it. You might try Veritas in Abbey St., Dublin; Almost any major bookshop can provide this service.

3. Make your application, consigning to your agent the letter of recommendation from the parish Priest; and paying for the scroll in advance.